Week 9

Event #3: Toni Dove

This week I had the opportunity to hear a presentation from Toni Dove. Toni Dove is considered to be one of the pioneers of Interactive Cinema. She has been working with an interactive narrative style of art since 1990 where she works to blend different cinematic tropes of studio-age film noir with contemporary narrative trends in science fiction, cybernetics, and new media. Her work reminded me a lot of Nina Sobell’s presentation.

Event 3- Jess Irish, Plastic, and the Ocean

For one of my events, I attended a talk by Jess Irish. I watched “This Moral Plastik” beforehand, so I was especially excited to hear from Irish. She started off the talk, talking about the concept of a lyrical essay, which is a term I’ve never heard of before. She explained it is a more personal and poetic approach to narrative writing. Irish then discussed legend, Rachel Carson.

Event 2 - Sylvia Earle at the Hammer Museum

For one of my event blogs, I attended a talk by Sylvia Earle at the Hammer Museum. It was located at the Billy Wilder Theater at the Hammer. I’ve never been there before and was surprised by how big and grand the auditorium was. The official talk was called “Hammer Forum: Sylvia Earle & Laura Dern in conversation.” The Hammer Museum also professionally recorded the lecture, so I will attach the video and documentation at the end!

Event #2 - Meeting Mark Cohen

As a cognitive science major, Mark Cohen’s event zoom peaked my interest greatly. From details about his neuroscience background to overviews about topics such as optical illusions, I thought everything covered was incredibly interesting. It reminded me of a psychology course I am currently enrolled in titled Perception and Sensation.


Basic Example of an Optical Illusion

Event #2 Mark Cohen

This week we had the pleasure of listening to Mark Cohen. I really enjoyed his presentation, it brought me back to AP Psychology in some ways. Attempting to understand our brains is such a daunting yet fascinating field of research. There are still so many unknowns as to which parts do what and how they all work together. I particularly liked the MRI movies that we were shown.

Event Blog 1 - Festival of Trees

For my first event, I attended the Festival of Trees at the UCLA Botanical Gardens. It was a lot of fun, and I’m very glad I went! At the front of the Botanical Gardens was a check in table where you are handed a stamp guide. The festival highlighted eight trees, and it was a mini scavenger hunt to find those trees throughout the garden. Each tree had a table and booth outside to learn more about that tree or play a small activity or game.

Event #2: Ted Victoria

I attended Ted Victoria’s talk with Professor Vesna a few weeks ago, and I was introduced to a form of art that I had never experienced before. Ted Victoria’s work is truly incredible, but the materials that he uses for his projects are relatively simple. He spoke of his work as if it was obvious and not nearly as brilliant as it is.

Event #1 - Festival of Trees

A few weeks ago, I got to take a break from studying for midterms and take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens for UCLA’s Festival of Trees. I had headphones on as I strolled through the garden with my stamp book, listening to some instrumentals as I took in the families, couples, and fellow students that made their way through the paths to try to find the next tree in the book’s order.

Event #1 - Nina Sobell

During this week’s event, I was able to listen to a very interesting presentation by Nina Sobell. “Nina Sobell is a contemporary sculptor, multimedia, and performance artist who pioneered the use of EEG technology, closed-circuit television, and internet communication in the art world” (Nina Sobell Bio).


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