Week 8

One Breath Poetry & Activism

I really enjoyed the workshop and lecture by Xtine during week 8. I was grateful that we had such a collaborative process when creating our own poems. I had taken a poetry class last year with Professor Soto, which taught me how to look at poems in a different light. There are so many different aspects to poems and so many different media. They can include art, and other visual components or they can simply be spoken.

Event #2: Nina Sobell

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of attending a presentation by Nina Sobell. Nina Sobell is a digital artist who focuses on different experimental forms and how they interact with the performance. She is known for incorporating different tools into her art such as wireless EEG headbands, MIDI sound, webcasts, surveillance videos, etc. In the 1970s, she worked with closed-circuit videos to explore the relationship between artists and their audiences.

Event #2 Nina Sobell

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Sources: Nina Sobell's Presentation

      Nina Sobell’s presentation was very interesting at many different levels. As a neuroscience major, the presentation was an eye opening to the concepts we can test and apply using neuroscience recording techniques and methods. Nina Sobell combines art and science into a unique form of unseen connection.

Week 8 Blog

I was upset to miss class this week, as my classmates have said it was a very interesting lecture! Unfortunately I can not comment very much on the lecture as a result, but I thought it would be best to blog about some important parts that came up, and do my own research. 

Caves to UCLA John Wooden

Xtine Burrough beamed with passion for human emotion through poetry. We laid out on the grass where we got in tune with nature and our thoughts to make 1 breath poems. Our group’s theme was stress because everybody came out of midterm season and were worried for finals. My line was “stress… to decompress or caress” where this meant stress is essential to living to keep moving forward and should be utilized in the short term.

Socializing Art and Poetizing Life

    This week we had the opportunity to hear from Xtine Burrough regarding her new book  "Art as Social Practice." In this book, Xtine compiles the work of 25 contributing artists in an attempt to demonstrate how diverse mediums of art can come together in a way that is both cohesive and unifying. Ultimately, I love the concept of bringing together different technological mediums within art as a means of creating social awareness and change.


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