Week 7

Event 2 Fredric Royce Oil and Plastic

Jess Irish and Robertina Sebjanic discussed about further implications of plastics on the environment. The main issue about plastics is not the waste for we can re use plastics into different products, but the effect they have on emissions. However, I would like to explore how plastics can be used or not made at all to reduce emissions and making them into different products. In survival situations though, wasted plastics on tropical items become invaluable tools due to their visual and water storage capabilities.

Event 2 Blog

The second event I attended, as did many of the class, was the chat with Jess Irish. I was super excited to attend this event and get the opportunity to view This Mortal Plastik. I had heard of the short film before but never had the chance to actually view the film for myself.

Plastic Visualization (Event #1)

The conversation and documentary shown with Jess Irish was incredibly powerful and changed my view on the plastic issue. Being able to visualize how much plastic we go through every day and how it continues to increase is unbelievable and takes me by surprise why these sorts of topics are not emphasized as much. I greatly admire Jess and the piece she was able to create and was interested in exploring other explanations of her film that were covered in an interview of her.

Event 3: Jessica Irish Talk

            This Thursday I attended the talk from Jessica Irish. Her presentation paired very well with the lecture this week from Dr. Gimzewski. I was really interested in her discussion of the history and rise in popularity of plastics. The first synthetic plastic was developed in 1869 as an alternative to ivory (“History and Future of Plastics”).

Jess Irish: The Cost of Convenience (Event 1)

“My convenience contains an absurdity of time”, quotes Jess Irish in her film This Mortal Plastik. Endless years, days, and minutes of impossible decay wrapped up in the seemingly harmless clear, crinkly plastics that surround our everyday lives. In her film, Irish proposes an interesting question: “Why will ordinary things outlast us all – by generations?”.


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