Week 6

Week 6

Our week 6 class was probably my favorite so far, with Professor David Roy’s entire presentation surprising me at many points. I personally am not all that interested in sculpting or sculptures in general, but David Roy’s take on sculpting really caught my attention.

Week 6: A Return to Nature

I really enjoyed learning about Professor of sculpture, David Roy, and his project BLACKNASA. I greatly appreciate David telling us his story and the significant impact a simple road trip would have on his work going forward, as I found it to be both incredibly disheartening and inspirational at the same time. David spoke to having confronted the realities of life in America during his 2019 road trip from California to Connecticut.

Urban Jungle Soundscapes

Of all the assignments we have completed so far in class, choosing the sounds I wanted to focus on for my recording this week was probably one of the most challenging. Yet, life is loud and busy and constantly bombards us with thousands of sights and sounds on a daily basis. So why was picking out a single sound so difficult for me?

Identity & Soundscape Ownership

This week’s visit to the Broad Art Center for David Roy’s presentation was a truly wonderful exploration of the emerging possibilities of art and science today. I think that what really stands out about David Roy’s work is how he weaves aspects of identity politics into his photographs, logos, and rocket constructions. Science is not apolitical, so why should art that utilizes science avoid political contributions and components?

BLACKNASA, Lofi Hip Hop Beats, and Soundscapes

David Roy’s presentation centered on his work with BLACKNASA but also covered his related works and projects. BLACKNASA is a space agency that was founded in 2016 and aims to “promote the use of rockets for peaceful purposes only” (Roy). The idea of using rockets for peace and as a place for people to come together is both inspiring and seemingly antithetical. Rockets have long been used not only for military operations, but also for nations to be able to show their hegemonic prowess. In fact, on Wikipedia Rocket (weapon) is one of the top search results.

Room Tone in Film + Painting Rockets at UCLA!

The sound and rhythm I hear the most is, sadly, the fan of my overheating laptop. I often have to run several programs all at the same time, and my laptop can barely handle processing it. Sometimes I’ll have Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, and 40+ Chrome tabs all running, bouncing between the different programs. It doesn’t help that, I work in bed when I’m really lazy and procrastinating, and the lack of a flat surface rumbles the fan even more.


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