Week 5

week 5: Midterm assignment

In my presentation, I discussed the issue of plastic pollution and its impact on the environment. To combat this problem, iI proposed 5 proposals that involve creating art from single-use plastic. The purpose of these proposals is to increase awareness about plastic pollution and inspire individuals to take action toward reducing their plastic consumption. 

Here's the link to my PowerPoint. 

Midterm- The Troubling Harmony of Plastic and Marine Creatures

In this presentation, I talked about how plastics can be harmful to sea animals and humans. I found a number of amazing artworks associated with this topic and I think these can make people to reconsider and recognize the importance of protecting wildlife from plastic pollution.



Midterm Presentation

Here is my midterm presentation. 

I wanted to visualize one of the specialties of my Major which is Forensic Anthropology. Forensic Anthropologists deal with death so much that I wanted to honor the remains we handle and give them a sense of beauty and peace. 


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