Week 4

Event 1 Fredric Royce Incan Quipu

The Incan Quipu in this class has been remarked as the precursor item to recording one’s memories in the ancient world of central and South America. Online the presenter of Fowler explained the full details of the Incan quipu where it stored language, emotions, financial records, and even artistic thoughts. The theme that struck me the most was accounting for I took a ton of accounting classes as a community college student where I studied the system of debits and credits extensively.

Week 4 Blog

Sadly, I wasn’t able to be in class this week and I missed this really cool experience at the planetarium. So, instead I’m going to be blogging about the websites associated with this week’s material! The planetarium’s website caught my eye instantly with the actual machine they use for the show. I jumped to a new tab right away to look for more info on the machine.

A human view on the heavens

Do not go gently into that good night, rejoice at the dawn of the light… Visiting the planetarium at UCLA for the first time was a wonderful experience. I especially enjoyed asking questions regarding the how planetarium technology worked and whether biological signs could exist on different types of stars other than our own. As of recently, Harvard Physicist Avi Loeb has mentioned about Oumuamua(A *moo*uh*moo*uh), a possible alien artifact from an ancient alien civilization.

Requiem of the Stars


     It is cold in the depth of my memories. The air is so crisp it burns my lungs as I trudge forward on a darkened path. Everything is quiet in the dark, hidden away until daybreak to move and sing and live again. The perfect illusion of silence is broken only by the crunch of snow under little winter boots and the clanking of a loose metal screw as I set out in search of the stars.

Week 4: "Age of Starlight", followed by darkness

I have never visited the planetarium at UCLA before. I briefly heard about it as a sophomore, but I never thought about visiting the place. Since I am a big fan of astronomy, I was really looking forward to this. My knowledge on the subject is definitely more casual, but I took an astronomy course at UCLA just because it interested me. I've also been to the Griffith Observatory and got tickets to the planetarium over there.

Stars and Meteorites

This week’s trip was very exciting and interesting to me. It was actually my first time visiting a planetarium and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Since I originally came from a city known for its bad air pollution, I never imagined there would be so many stars in the sky.


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