Week 2

Week 2 - Serendipitous Yellow

While I was walking along Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica today, I spotted (by chance) the cutest little smart car in the shade of sunshine yellow (see pic below). As I saw it approaching, I took out my phone and snapped a picture of it while it was driving in front of the Georgian Hotel. By chance, the yellow hue of the car brought out the yellow accents in the building, and I thought it made for a beautiful photo.


Since I'm currently living on campus right now, I decided to put each of the residential building on a piece of paper and randomly draw one out. The building that I drew out would be the location that I go and explore for this assignment. 

Connections: The Paradox between Mankind and Nature

Connections are something that the human mind draws every single day. From the process of studying, sleeping, eating, or simply sitting around, connections are done through making observations. Such observations can be made through the conscious or the subconscious. However, I had never given serious thought to what we so called conscious connections unless it was for the purpose of studying or working. 


In going to the randomly selected location, I was able to walk over to a corner in my local park. There, I felt overwhelmed about what could possibly catch my eye: should I focus on one tree and look at the intricate details wrapped up in it? Should I think small? Should I think big? I felt lost for a moment but, as I tried to look at the unifying aspect of this little corner of this park, it came to me. Connections. 

Food as an Art and a Comfort

The traditional types of visual art, most stereotypically involving pieces such as an oil painting on canvas, can come at the expense of the environment. For example, while the added chemical fillers and ingredients in paint do contribute to its “luminosity, stability, and affordability, they often impose undesirable health risks” (Weintraub).

Baking Bread to Stay Busy and the Benefits That Follow


During the past weeks of quarantine, the amount of bread being baked and made has risen significantly. All over social media, you can see many, many people sharing their baked goods that were made from scratch. Obviously, this increase in bread-baking is due to the quarantine and the increased amounts of time we suddenly have on our hands. 



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