Week 2

The Serendipity of Closing


For my location, I chose to walk to the beach near my house about an hour before sunset. It was still light out, but I noticed as I was walking that some of the flowers in the yard of one of the houses were already closing for the night. It's always interested me how plants, which we often think of as stationary, can actually move and adapt to changes in light throughout the day. It seemed like these flowers were starting to close for the night, so I took a picture of them.

A Chance Event

This week I printed out a map of my nearby location and tossed a paper clip on to the map. It brought me to a nearby park on the mountains. I decided to walk a bit on the trail and soak in the view. It was a really nice evening with a refreshing breeze as the sun began to set. I heard dogs in the nearby neighborhoods barking and birds chirping. As I tried to consider a word that summarized it all, I began thinking about some recent podcasts I had listened to. I have recently been listening to a particular theoretical physicist discuss the universe, galaxy, and life itself.

Serendipitous (Effortless) Day in Malibu

I like to think of myself as a very adventurous individual as I love to take random trips to new locations, explore small coffee shops, and encapsulate memories as best as I can. This pandemic has hindered my ability to engage with the outside world, being more inclined to stay at home than explore the “outside.” Nearly 13 months later, I finally got my vaccine and decided to take this serendipity assignment as a sign to take a chance (safely) to explore a new place.

A Serendipitous Event

Professor Thomas encouraged us to look closer at the things we always see, to see and experience the contours of a chair and to witness the shadows made. Oftentimes we are so fixed on the purpose of items that we miss out on the finer details. While the connections between quantum mechanics and art seems like a large jump, when we focus on the details we can see how quantum governs the laws that we experience everyday. 

Week 2 - Communication and Serendipity

For this week's assignment, I ended up using a random number generator to take me to a random location in my neighborhood. I designated 1 to be traveling left, 2 to be traveling right, and 3 to be traveling straight, and the numbers 1-5 to be the number of blocks I walked in that direction. After using this process, I ended up walking 4 blocks straight, 2 blocks left, and 2 blocks straight. I ended up in a neighborhood close by New York Dr. and examined the environment around me.

Comforting Findings in Nature

It had been almost 3 years since I last took a walk in the forest, and so when the random location that I pinned turned out to be a forest not too far from my house, I was thrilled to put on my shoes and get out into the fresh air. When I got there, it was very quiet, not even the sound of birds could be heard, and yet it was very peaceful. With the absence of the overwhelming sensory simulation that I had gotten accustomed to from the constant noise of the city life, there was a sudden void, a blank canvas, to take in everything around me. 


Recently, I visited UCLA's campus and captured a few photos of the scenery around. The part of these landscapes that drew my attention was the way the light would reflect off the trees and the side of the building. To me, it was just the right amount; the day was warm and the sky was bright but the amount of light wasn't too harsh, causing a lot of shadow and heat. The warmth allowed for me to relax on the grass underneath the trees and take in the details of the nature and architecture around me.

The Start of a New Beginning

Right when I started college, I knew where I wanted to attend pharmacy school. It was always a big dream of mine to attend UCSF, however, I knew how competitive and far-reaching it was. This past February, I was notified that i have been admitted into UCSF School of Pharmacy class of 2024. I was absolutely ecstatic. However, I was also worried and sad about leaving southern California as I had been here my whole life. San Francisco is an incredibly urban area and I had only been there a couple times as a tourist. And now I am expected to live there for the next three year.

A Spring Occurrence By Chance

Covid-19 has maybe it impossible for many of us to travel anywhere without the risk of infecting our loved ones. Since the pandemic began, I have remained at home whenever possible and tried to practice all of the CDC recommendations and avoid exposure to others. This has resulted in the loss of one of my favorite activities: exploring nature through hiking. This week I took it upon myself to reclaim a little bit of the exploration safely by taking a trip to my backyards to visit the blooming fruit trees. 


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