Week 2

Ethnobotanical journey through the gardens: The Tongva traditionally used plants in the UCLA Botanical Garden

I enjoy plants. Many of you found this out during our week 2 walk throughout the botanical garden, where I was given the opportunity to discuss some of the indigenous uses of California (CA, hereafter) native plant species. CA native plants hold a special place in my heart as does ethnobotany (the study of the use of plants by Indigenous groups). If it wasn't for the last college in the U.S.

Kombucha and Bread

Unfortunately, I joined this class late, so I was not able to make my own Kombucha art. However, I have a few friends in this class who were more than excited to tell me all about it. I never really knew that much about Kombucha - to be quite honest I had tried it once and wasn’t the biggest fan - so I tended to avoid it. After learning more about Kombucha, though, I have been inspired to try it again: who knows, maybe I got a bad flavor?

Buch and Bread

Hi everyone! I have had the pleasure of reading some of your blog posts from week 2 and now here is mine! I joined this class during week 3 so my apologies but there will also be a week 1 blog post I will write this week to catch up to all of you. Moving on, initially when I hear about kombucha and bread I think of two things: 1) My two favorite kombucha flavors are Health-Ade's Pink Lady Apple and GT's Synergy Guava Goddess, 2) my favorite form of bread is bagels.


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