Week 10

Hox Zodiac: honoring the horse – 3rd Event

Personally, I have never looked into or learned about the Chinese zodiac before this class. Additionally, I am not known as the horoscope person but rather everyone around me talks about it or even relates to it. To start off my blog post, I want to first discuss the difference between the Western zodiac and the Chinese zodiac is that the Western zodiac signs traditionally designated based on our birth month, while the Chinese zodiac signs are specific to the year of your birth.

Color, Light, Motion by Toni Dove – 2nd Event

At the opening of the webinar, Toni Dove introduced herself as the instrument builder by using the human body. Her uses perception and proprioception to engage with media and robotics. She creates a sense of narrative density by using these senses and via the layered accumulation of references and images. She focuses on building an active relationship between the viewer and the audience - and she does an excellent job doing that.

Jess Irish Talk - 1st Event

Plastics crisis is very important and needs immediate attention to start taking action and initiative and prevent it from further developing. In class, we spent a week and a half discussing it with various experts in the field. Every year, an estimated 14.5 million tons of single-use plastic packaging material is produced, leading to approximately two billion metric tons worth of carbon dioxide emissions from plastics production alone. Jess Irish’s talk complemented well with Dr. Gimzewski’s lecture during our class meeting this week.

Event Blog #1: Richard Hunt

The exhibit at the Norton Simon Museum, Details, is a lithograph exhibit that understands and attempts to mobilize space within the prints. Richard Hunt, the artist, is a world renown sculptor that “singularly made the largest contribution to public art in the United States” (Richard Hunt Studios). Hunt began as a metal sculptor and specialized in the practice of “direct-metal” sculpting (Norton Simon Museum). This is an additive process that welds scrap metals together rather than changing the shape through casting the metal or carving it.

Event #2 - Hammer Museum

My trip to the Hammer Museum was really exciting! It was my first time visiting the museum, and I made it a kind of self-care day and bought myself food. The Hammer Museum is located further from campus, near South Wilshire. I got a chance to look at each of the four exhibits there. The exhibits included the following: 


Event #3 - Nina Sobell

     As I selected which of the events to attend, the zoom lecture with amazing artist Nina Sobell was an option that immediately captured my attention. Nina Sobell is an incredible artist that pushes the bounds of both art and science by creating pieces that visualize humanity through interactive environments.

Event #1 - Hox Zodiac Horse

Human-animal relationships are an important aspect of our society. Whether it be man’s best friend, the dog, or it’s how we treat a cow before being slaughtered for meat. We are dependent on animals and they are an integral part of our lives. While scrolling through next year’s options for honors courses, I even found a course dedicated to human-animal relationships.

Event #3: Hox Zodiac: honoring the horse

I enjoyed hearing the presenters speak about what the Hox zodiac meant to them and their own personal experiences with horses were. I am inexperienced with Hox zodiac dinners, so it was interesting to see one in action. I was interested in Linda Weintraub’s comment about how horses have a powerful role in mythology so I decided to look more into how horses are represented in different cultures.


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