Week 1

Blog 1 Graphite

Hi, everyone! I’m Nathaniel Chen, but I go by Nathan! I’m a fourth year physics and cognitive science major. I love computers and put photos (if I was able to upload it correctly) of my cat, Nala. Aside from school, I work at ASUCLA, currently in the Computer Department. I also really love art, so I’m really excited about the topics of this course.

Week 1 Blog 1: Introduction and Graphite

Hello everyone! My name is Elen Sargsyan. Spring 2023 is my last year and last quarter at UCLA as a Human Biology and Society major. I have loved every bit of my journey here and look forward to new adventures in the year. My passion for medicine has led me to the path of becoming a physician assistant/associate; here is a link to more about PAs if you are interested.

Week 1: Introduction assignment

Hello Everyone, my name is Nabila Parwani. I am currently pursuing a Biology major and minor in Disability Studies. I am a pre-med student with a dream of becoming a pediatrician.  My passion for Biology drives me to understand the complexities of the human body. My interest in Disability Studies has taught me how to provide better care for those in need and help them find the resources they need. 

Week 1 Blog (Introduction and Reflection on Graphite Activity)

Hi, everyone! I’m Brianna, but I go by Bree! I’m a third year psychobiology major and pre-med. I love animals and put photos (if I was able to upload it correctly) of my dogs, Linguini and Benji, and my cat, Tuna. Aside from school, I work at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center as a Care Extender, currently in the Emergency Department. I also really love art, so I’m really excited about the topics of this course.

1. Intro & Pencil/Graphene

Hi! My name is Marissa and I am a senior Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics major. I'm from Manhattan Beach, CA, and love to go to the beach, surf, hike, and just be outside in general. This is especially fun when I bring along my golden retriever puppy, Peaches, who loves to swim, play fetch, and meet new people and dogs.

Blog 1: Carbon, Hexagons, and More!

Hello everyone! I want to begin my first blog post by introducing myself. My name is Brianna Huracha, and I am a third-year Political Science major graduating early this June. Yay! I am originally from Mexico, but my whole family resides in San Diego, about two hours from Los Angeles. I am very excited to take this course as it is the first art course I have taken here at UCLA. Our first lecture on carbon, hexagons, and the pencil was incredibly interesting.

Lecture 1 - Pencil/Graphene

Hi everyone! My name is Anvi, and I'm a 4th year double majoring in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology and Communication. I'm originally from Milpitas, CA (a small town up in the Bay Area), and I'm graduating this June! I am also pre-med, and will be applying to medical schools this upcoming cycle.

This is my first time taking a class exploring art. I personally have never considered myself an artist (so this is definitely out of my comfort zone) but I'm really excited to explore the intersection of art and science!


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