This course studies how bioart blurs distinctions between science and art through the combination of artistic and scientific processes, creating wide public debate. It explores the history of biotechnology as well as social implications of this science.
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Caves to UCLA John Wooden

Xtine Burrough beamed with passion for human emotion through poetry. We laid out on the grass where we got in tune with nature and our thoughts to make 1 breath poems. Our group’s theme was stress because everybody came out of midterm season and were worried for finals. My line was “stress… to decompress or caress” where this meant stress is essential to living to keep moving forward and should be utilized in the short term.

Socializing Art and Poetizing Life

    This week we had the opportunity to hear from Xtine Burrough regarding her new book  "Art as Social Practice." In this book, Xtine compiles the work of 25 contributing artists in an attempt to demonstrate how diverse mediums of art can come together in a way that is both cohesive and unifying. Ultimately, I love the concept of bringing together different technological mediums within art as a means of creating social awareness and change.

Social Change

Unfortunately, I was unable to meet Xtine in person for the second part of our event, but I was able to attend the Zoom meeting to learn more about their work. I wish I was able to attend in person, as after reading through my classmates posts, I would have loved the one breath poem activity that everyone participated in.

One Breath Poems

This week’s workshop and lecture by Xtine was very interesting and different for me. We learned all about the concept of one breath poems and even created them during the workshop. At the beginning of the workshop, Xtine explained the history behind the one breath poems, which are intended to be short poems spoken in one breath (or not, if the author intentionally makes it that way).

Week 8: One Breath, I Can't Breathe

Xtine Burrough is a hybrid artist. She engages her audience with media arts and digital poetry, and she is truly multidimensional. This past week, our class had the opportunity to tune in to her guest lecture on her collaborative work and her book “Art as Social Practice: Technologies for Change.” I thought it was fascinating how art can be used through collaborative and community-driven work to address social issues and dilemmas. I found the idea of one breath poems, such as haikus, was very fascinating.

Art and Technology

This week we got to hear from Xtine Burrough, a professor at UT Dallas speak to us about her work and her artistic process. She focuses on emerging design and technology using different social platforms, databases, search engines, blogs and so much more to create web communities that promote interpretation and autonomy.

Xtine Burrough in one breath

This week Xtine Burrough talked with us this week about her new book that features many artists that are working on the border between art and science including professor Vesna! After the talk about her work we went to the sculpture garden to create one breath poems. The one breath poem was a new concept to me even though the name is quite self explanatory. Today I will discuss my experience creating a one breath poem and the hotline created by labsynthE.


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