This course studies how bioart blurs distinctions between science and art through the combination of artistic and scientific processes, creating wide public debate. It explores the history of biotechnology as well as social implications of this science.
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Event #2: Ted Victoria

I attended Ted Victoria’s talk with Professor Vesna a few weeks ago, and I was introduced to a form of art that I had never experienced before. Ted Victoria’s work is truly incredible, but the materials that he uses for his projects are relatively simple. He spoke of his work as if it was obvious and not nearly as brilliant as it is.

Event #1 - Festival of Trees

A few weeks ago, I got to take a break from studying for midterms and take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens for UCLA’s Festival of Trees. I had headphones on as I strolled through the garden with my stamp book, listening to some instrumentals as I took in the families, couples, and fellow students that made their way through the paths to try to find the next tree in the book’s order.

Event #1 - Nina Sobell

During this week’s event, I was able to listen to a very interesting presentation by Nina Sobell. “Nina Sobell is a contemporary sculptor, multimedia, and performance artist who pioneered the use of EEG technology, closed-circuit television, and internet communication in the art world” (Nina Sobell Bio).

Event #2 Nina Sobell

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 10.12.33 AM.png

Sources: Nina Sobell's Presentation

      Nina Sobell’s presentation was very interesting at many different levels. As a neuroscience major, the presentation was an eye opening to the concepts we can test and apply using neuroscience recording techniques and methods. Nina Sobell combines art and science into a unique form of unseen connection.

Week 8 Blog

I was upset to miss class this week, as my classmates have said it was a very interesting lecture! Unfortunately I can not comment very much on the lecture as a result, but I thought it would be best to blog about some important parts that came up, and do my own research. 

Event #1 - Jess Irish

Jess Irish’s short film about plastic was very interesting. One part that stood out to me was how plastic can also mean capable of change or modification. This resonated with me because many of the plastics created today are thrown into landfills or the ocean, to remain in their form for hundreds if not thousands of years.


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