This course studies how bioart blurs distinctions between science and art through the combination of artistic and scientific processes, creating wide public debate. It explores the history of biotechnology as well as social implications of this science.
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Event 2: Fowler Museum

Today, I took a look at the Fowler Museum and the exhibits within. The two main exhibits that peaked my interest were the Aboriginal Works collection and the collection of artist Almighty God. The first collection I want to talk about is the Aboriginal Works. Aboriginals are people who are indigenous to Australia, and one of the interesting characteristics about them is that they still maintain hunting and gathering skills, even in modern times.

Event 2 - Sylvia Earle at the Hammer Museum

For one of my event blogs, I attended a talk by Sylvia Earle at the Hammer Museum. It was located at the Billy Wilder Theater at the Hammer. I’ve never been there before and was surprised by how big and grand the auditorium was. The official talk was called “Hammer Forum: Sylvia Earle & Laura Dern in conversation.” The Hammer Museum also professionally recorded the lecture, so I will attach the video and documentation at the end!

Event #2 - Meeting Mark Cohen

As a cognitive science major, Mark Cohen’s event zoom peaked my interest greatly. From details about his neuroscience background to overviews about topics such as optical illusions, I thought everything covered was incredibly interesting. It reminded me of a psychology course I am currently enrolled in titled Perception and Sensation.


Basic Example of an Optical Illusion

Event #1 - Jess Irish: Ecology + Art

The first event that I attended was a presentation by Jess Irish about the intersections of ecology and art and how those two concepts interplay with one another. Her opening about Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and how to use storytelling to affect change is something that I highly appreciated when I was younger, and even up until now (Linberry 2022).

Event #3: Jess Irish

I attended Jess Irish’s talk on her recent film out of my interest in pollution and modern perspectives on so-called “throw-away living.” I was curious about the dialogue surrounding her film and what kind of response she got from a general audience. As discussed in a previous blog of mine, the way that we discuss global climate change and pollution set the tone for the change that we hope to create in the future.

Event #2 Mark Cohen

This week we had the pleasure of listening to Mark Cohen. I really enjoyed his presentation, it brought me back to AP Psychology in some ways. Attempting to understand our brains is such a daunting yet fascinating field of research. There are still so many unknowns as to which parts do what and how they all work together. I particularly liked the MRI movies that we were shown.

Event #3: Jess Irish

It goes without saying that Jess Irish made a fantastic movie addressing our current dilemma with plastic. It is obvious that Jess Irish put a lot of thought and effort into the movie to showcase how plastic has affected us. The movie really highlights how plastic seems (is) everywhere and how so many things around us are made of plastic. One thing that stood out to me was Irish's quote of "the price of our convenience" when referring to the price that the world and the environment, and eventually us, will have to pay all for the sake of single-use plastic.

Event Blog 1 - Festival of Trees

For my first event, I attended the Festival of Trees at the UCLA Botanical Gardens. It was a lot of fun, and I’m very glad I went! At the front of the Botanical Gardens was a check in table where you are handed a stamp guide. The festival highlighted eight trees, and it was a mini scavenger hunt to find those trees throughout the garden. Each tree had a table and booth outside to learn more about that tree or play a small activity or game.


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