This course studies how bioart blurs distinctions between science and art through the combination of artistic and scientific processes, creating wide public debate. It explores the history of biotechnology as well as social implications of this science.
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Week 8 Blog: Light and Religion


I had never been to the Town Hall building before, so it was nice to go visit UCLA’s DMA MFA Thesis Exhibition as I always walk past that building, so now I know what’s inside! One piece I really liked was by Ariel Uzal. Ariel created “una maquina que solo puede girar” which is a long lamp created with scrap lumber, construction hardware, electronic motor, electronics, stainless steel, and amperes.


Week 8 Blog - The ugliness of social media

Last week, our class had a chance to visit an art exhibit at the Broad Arts Center about the impact of social media on our life. I know the cruelty of social media and always try my best to limit its impact on my life by stopping using social media 3 years ago. Honestly, I never thought about making art using material from social media, so the exhibition was very intriguing and impressive to me.

Concept Art - Movies and Video Games

Seeing the gallery on Wednesday at the Broad Arts Center really got me to think about the intersection of art and pop culture, specifically movies and video games. First off, what is concept art? As defined by Gosia Kucharska, concept art is the foundation of an animation design that aims to capture the visual feel of a project, serving as a point of reference for illustrators and animators throughout the entire creative process (Kucharska 2022). In the initial stages, concept arts are what bring the creative project to life in many ways, giving an idea from thought to paper. 

Week 8: The Internet, Feeds, and Art

I really enjoyed visiting the art exhibitions on Tuesday. Campus often has so much going on that goes completely under the radar for most students, including myself. Getting to hear from the artists themselves was also a particularly exciting opportunity. I rarely visit contemporary art exhibits on my free time so it was a definite learning experience for me, and a drastic departure from the kind of classical art exhibitions I typically visit.


8. Art, Video Games, and Music

During last week's meeting, we were given the opportunity to attend an art exhibit at the broad arts center. The exhibition featured many different mediums and each piece was inspired by something entirely different. I really enjoyed getting to experience each exhibit and see how many different art pieces could exist within the same exhibit. While each piece was visually stunning and did a great job of catching my eyes (and ears in some cases), the ones that stood out the most to me were the ones where the artists themselves were present and able to walk us through.

8. The Weird and the Eerie

While visiting the DMA MFA exhibition, I was inexplicably drawn to Henrik Söderström's exhibit.  The arrhythmic sounds that were playing, the shakiness of the first-person-POV video, the haphazardness of the objects on the ground, and the same torn-out book page reappearing filled me with an odd feeling that I could only place once I read the title on the page: "Approaching the Eerie". The page begins, "What is the eerie, exactly?

Week 8 Blog: Cyberside Picnic

For my blog this week, I wanted to look at the game that was briefly introduced to us at the exhibit we saw on Wednesday. Cyberspace Picnic by Michael Luo (or cathode radiator, as he is known online), is a game about an AI known as 2Elliot. I picked up one of the USB drives that were given out at the exhibition and loaded the application onto my computer.

Week 8 - social media and art

This week, we had the opportunity to attend a thought-provoking art exhibition that delved into the intriguing relationship between art and the digital realm. The exhibition primarily focused on the intersection of art with computers, the internet, and social media. At first, I was unsure of what to expect, as these technological aspects seemed far removed from the traditional realm of art that I was familiar with.

Week 8: Quilts and Social Media | Sustainable Art

This week, we had the opportunity to see a variety of very unique, complex, and fascinating art pieces from some Master of Fine Arts students. Our first stop was the Town Hall Exhibition. When I first walked in, I was taken aback by a collection of sensory stimulus including fun patterns from the quilts, some mysterious sound playing from the back, and various different lighting. This exhibit was very exciting as it was different from the types of art exhibits I am used to seeing.


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