This course studies how bioart blurs distinctions between science and art through the combination of artistic and scientific processes, creating wide public debate. It explores the history of biotechnology as well as social implications of this science.
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Week 7: Space

This past week, we discussed space, dust, and spices, a very interesting combination of topics. (I am posting this incredibly late because my computer was protesting uploading absolutely anything, and I’ve just accepted that this is going to be late) Space is incredibly vast, and it puts into perspective how small and insignificant the presence of humanity really is.

Week 6: Data and Art Exhibitions

In the Week 6 lecture, guest lecturer Christina Albu talked to us about the connection between art and brain waves. Her presentation, which was titled “Vibratory Fields: Artists as Neural Orchestrators, Cartographers, and Translators,” provided a very comprehensive look at various artists and artworks that utilize data from brain wave frequencies. One such artwork that Albu mentioned was the EEG Kiss, which was a performance exhibit that used the EEG data from brain waves to turn kisses into quantifiable data, which was in turn superimposed onto their artwork.


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