The Inner Animal: Zodiac of the Horse


I wanted to start this blog post off with a poem that I read once so long ago in a newspaper poetry contest. However, much to my dismay I cannot find the remnants of the poem except for in scattered pieces of my mind. But the poem itself was beautiful, something about a mother who steals horses in her dreams. Who escapes reality in her dreams, again and again each night. About the freedom and peace that the horse gives to an old woman challenged by her past. In any words, it was a good poem.

(image of Spirit, my friends horse)

For my final event of this year, I attended the Hox Zodiac event for the horse, a powerful and majestic creature with a bold personality. I grew up around horses, spending years of my life riding English, then western. Hours of my day cleaning and preparing horses for riding, and hours more cleaning and washing them after the ride was done. And when you are around horses in such a manner, you start to learn their nonsensical mannerisms. How they move, how they think, how even in a domesticated setting they are still wild in some way. 

A grey horse running on sandy soil

(image from

    Upon doing some more research into what it means to be a horse, I found that they were typically categorized as having the personality traits of “energetic, passionate, uright, aspirant”, as well as acting as a symbol of independence and freedom (Chinese Zodiac Horse Personality). These people, much like horses, are active and lively. However, they may also be stubborn and extravagant. Even so, horses are a favorite creature among many cultures for the abilities and companionship they are able to give (Year of the Horse). 

    As stated in the presentation, we have pieces of all of the zodiac animals within us. While I do not think that the horse is my best representation, I certainly carry some of its traits with me. After all, to work with horses you must become part horse yourself. You must see ahead the challenges as a rider you will face, and expel confidence and assurance to those around you. At the same time, you must be stubborn and unyielding in your goals so that your path forward does not blur. As once said by my ride instructor friend, a confident rider is a confident horse (with hours of extra work put in). 

    During the presentation we were also shown the chart of Aleksandra Mara, one of the speakers. I especially liked how detailed the chart was, including methods of strategy, senses, and other aspects of the profile. Because I was also interested in learning more about myself (or as much as you can from zodiac signs and birth charts) I also created my own chart using My Human Design. While there were some aspects that I felt were fitting, such as using the strategy of informing and having a profile of a challenge solver, there were other aspects I found questionable. Mainly, my authority being emotional. In fact, I have found that I am quite the opposite, leaving my emotions out so that I am capable of finding a logical solution. However, I suppose that none of these charts are always perfect. 

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    However, during the presentation a host also mentioned that horses and cows are not on the same level. I feel like I must bring this comment up again because of how strongly I feel it is false. The comment came from discussing why we eat cows and not horses, and perhaps the answer is simply that cows have the potential to hold more meat (and thus provide us with more) when we eat them. It was never a game about animal intelligence. For example, cows have intricate social circles, and often have best friends or life partners (Giggs). While they may seem a little slower than horses, and are often not depicted in as elegant a light, cows are incredibly friendly creatures to work with. And, similar to horses, cows have social hierarchies that exist within the herd (Botkin-Kowachi). I’ve even heard that cows from different places in the world have their very own cow accents, though I have yet to confirm this fact. However, my point still stands. Cows are just as intelligent as horses, and should not be considered less so just for our current dining habits. 

    At the end of the day, horses (and cows due to my tangent) are strong and reliable animals filled with big personalities and warm energy. I hope that in my future I am better able to get the chance to interact with horses, as well as many of the other creatures found in the zodiac, on a more personal level so that I am better able to find myself as well.