Event 2 Fredric Royce Oil and Plastic

Jess Irish and Robertina Sebjanic discussed about further implications of plastics on the environment. The main issue about plastics is not the waste for we can re use plastics into different products, but the effect they have on emissions. However, I would like to explore how plastics can be used or not made at all to reduce emissions and making them into different products. In survival situations though, wasted plastics on tropical items become invaluable tools due to their visual and water storage capabilities. Also, companies like smart water and Dasani are beginning to make their products out of aluminum in attempt to make them much more recyclable. More than 70% of beverage makers are introducing aluminum cans since more and more consumers are becoming sustainably conscious. Yet significant efforts must be made with consumers to actually recycle for 38% of consumers are aware that aluminum in beverage cans can be infinitely recycled. However as a consumer, I find the metallic taste in convenient and not long lasting for additive drinks like soda and coffee. There is expected to be a surge in demand and growth for aluminum bottles and cans in the next five to ten years. This means that aluminum as a commodity should increase by about 50%. Progress in sustainable beverages will be made for 54% of all convenience store customers say they would like to see more recycling at their local store. Plastics are also derivatives of oil. The source of plastic pollution is our dependence on oil. Furthermore, economically the world could no longer depend on oil for their essential needs. Electricity rates are poised to increase in America due to a natural gas shortage in Russia concerning the Ukraine War Sanctions. The worry is that the short term disruptions in natural gas supply is the start. Electricity bills will skyrocket because electric grids need to be hardened against natural disasters. Historically speaking, Humans needed fossil fuels at a point to revolutionize society to be more comfortable, convenient, and effective in increasing the human lifespan. The craze on oil in the industrial revolution started with the expansion of the railroads in England and the United States. John D Rockefeller was the biggest player in history who acquired an approximate net worth of 400 billion dollars based on the vertical integration of oil. Unfortunately, today though, Russia had been the world’s largest supplier of oil that has been sanctioned. More bad news is that more than 50% of the total energy supply relies on oil and gas according to Accenture. That means right now to type these words and hold this blog together, there is a 50% contribution to the energy level required by oil and gas. The importance of reducing plastics and fossil fuels is not only to fix the climate, but also to save our ecosystems and endangered species. Animals help plants reproduce by spreading its materials. Animals that eat other insects and small mammals help reduce damage to plants through these other animals consuming them. Humans are paying the price of global warming due to not returning and taking care of resources within the natural world.











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