Hox Zodiac: honoring the horse – 3rd Event

Personally, I have never looked into or learned about the Chinese zodiac before this class. Additionally, I am not known as the horoscope person but rather everyone around me talks about it or even relates to it. To start off my blog post, I want to first discuss the difference between the Western zodiac and the Chinese zodiac is that the Western zodiac signs traditionally designated based on our birth month, while the Chinese zodiac signs are specific to the year of your birth. And the Chinese zodiac is a repeating 12-year cycle where each year is represented by an animal and its qualities. Interestingly, according to some astrologers, our Chinese zodiac sign is considered to be more accurate than our astrological zodiac sign, for a variety of reasons. To list some of the reasons: way older, more complex (five earthly elements which interplay with each other to make up a cycle of ups and downs for each sign – along with the birth date, month and time), and changeable. For instance, Aleksandra Mara, the daughter of Professor Vesna, shared her opinion about her Chinese zodiac sign which is the horse. She says: “I’m a Capricorn, Scorpio rising, and Libra moon.” She mentions that these words do not mean anything or describe who the individual is. But rather she identifies by them. She identifies that she is a horse and she is very proud of it. During the event, it was discussed that how people identify with things is how these things keep us going. And I agree with that. Professor Vesna also added that when many and enough people believe a statement, this statement becomes a reality. I let that sink in my mind, and I also agree with it -> that’s how rumors get spread and believed! So as Professor Vesna concluded the event, if everyone thinks and believes of good things, they will become real -> and this is so much needed. Side note: happy early birthday Professor Vesna!

Lastly, I want to say that I enjoyed this webinar a lot. Aleksandra Mara shared with us and discussed how she saw herself by reading her human design chart, just like many friends of mine say. My friends sometimes share with me what my zodiac signs say and some are very true. I think I never looked into it possibly because I am lazy to take the time and look up and read my entire chart – especially that there is not only one website that has it all. Anyways, after this webinar, I was curious to look up my Chinese zodiac sign and read about it. So, I am a rabbit known as: vigilant, witty, quick-minded, and ingenious according to Chinahighlights website. It is not these general adjectives that I resonate with but rather some particular descriptive statements such as: “They avoid fighting and arguing at all times, but are artistic and have good taste in life. This is why they pay close attention to small details and make sure everything is done correctly”.After having fun reading about my sign, I looked up my parents’, siblings’ and my closest friends’ zodiac signs to see my compatibility with them – to sum up my findings, the results were quite interesting!


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