Biotechnology Crash Course at Genspace, BK

Taught by Ellen Jorgensen

In a three days workshop at Genspace, we isolated the mitochondrial DNA chromosome from ourselves, our each own piece of human genome. Using the lab's facilities, we then amplified it for sequencing using PCR. At the last day, when the sequence data came back, we used bioinformatics to interpret it. 

Here are some pictures taken at the workshop:

Binaural Beat Mind Mapping & Meditation Experiment


I thought this would be an interesting experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of binaural beat meditation. By using EEG (neurofeedback) signals we could, theoretically, observe the brain waves pulsing at the frequency of the binaural beats. 

More Microscopy

This time I brough some reallllllllllly stinky water, riddled with fish odour. I was certain that I would find some kinda creates crawling around, unfortunately, I was again underwhelmed. 

One of the most unique and captivating samples was simply soapy water (brough by Norman) - check out the visuals!


Gen Space


Upon reaching the battered and weathered streetside door I was greeted by the host of Genspace. The name Genspace paints an image in my minds of eye of some clean and steril metal finished laboratory, where one would have to be dress in a white trench coat and sterilized upon entry. Genspace is non of those things. It's a rustic enviroment bathed in books and lab equipment. Other than the microscopes and centrafuges, the vibe here would make any bohemian knowledge seeker or NPR host feel at home.   


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