Extra Credit 1: COVID-19 Global Impacts: Healthcare & Biomedical Research

[I had written this blog last week, when the anti-racism movement (and anti-discrimination movement as a whole) had just begun. I am proud to see how much of the country has strongly stood up against these institutionally-rooted issues, and I will continue to do my part in any way I can. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy!]

COVID-19 Global Impacts: Healthcare & Biomedical Research - UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy

Week 10: Health Group Presentation from Class Today

In today's class, Tristan presented the flow and individual chapter abstracts for our Health group. Professor Vesna has the recording and I also emailed her the presentation, and she said she will share it with the rest of the class. I decided to put the link to the presentation on my blog here as well for easy access. Feel free to hae a look:

Final Outline Updated

Initial meetings with my group proved somewhat interesting as we had to find a way to somehow connect technology and economy in a seamless way. This proved further difficult as one of my group peers, Josh, had originally come from a much more “social” aspect for his paper and final. Our first course of action was re-shaping of some of our respective papers.

Week 9 Final Essay Updates

After meeting with my group once again, we laid out exactly what points we hope to cover in our essays in order to determine what is the best way to link everything together. We decided to do the presentation in a somewhat chronological order with Carolyn going first as she would be talking about the past. Her paper will discuss the past and present about vaccine protest and opposition.

(Anti)Anti-Vax Group & Individual Updates/Draft

My group is structuring our group in chronology (past, present, and future implications of anti-vaccine movements), and my topic falls within the “present” category. Our chapter is specifically geared towards explaining the history behind the anti-vaccine movement, how it is playing out today during the COVID-19 pandemic, and future ideas and implications of how we can combat these anti-vax ideals moving forward, as artists, scientists, and as a society as a whole.

My chapter will be titled, “Art in the Quest to Vaccinate the World”

Final Paper Update

After meeting with Dr. Vesna and my group this past week, I think that we are on pretty good track for our final booklet. My entry will go second to last and will hopefully tie together essays about bread making and medicine. I am still working on completing the entirety of my essay, but I have made good progress on my essay, and have found some public domain/creative commons images to include in my final essay. 


Updated Final Paper Draft

After discussing our group's progress with Dr.Vesna, we came to the conclusion that there will be two main parts to the sustainability chapter. 1) The environment can help us 2) We can help the environment. My piece is the first piece in the first part, which introduces core environmental topics and biomimicry. Other people within part 1 will go more in depth to these topics, so my contribution will provide an overview and background knowledge. I am struggling with getting original images/artworks of biomimicry that are not copywrited. I am hoping to figure this out this week.

Update on Tech+Econ and Rough Draft of Paper

After meeting with Dr. Vesna this past week, we have decided to make a couple of updates. I decided that I was going to de-emphasize the AR and VR aspects from my section and Dan will be talking more about the effects of AR and VR. I also decided that I was going to make sure I wasn’t making too bold of predictions for my economic forecasts since this is a publication that we want to last. We are still going to continue with our order of submissions which as follows…


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