Updated Draft

Ok here is my slightly more written out draft. I'm still haven't written the transitions, but the bulk of the research is in there. I haven't attached the images, but their links are there.


Keeping History from Repeating Itself- What Can We Learn from Previous Pandemics?


Week 2 Lecture Live-Response

Essential to the studies of both science and art is the topic of emergence - patterns emerge, and order emerges from the chaos inherent in the largeness of unfiltered data. The primary topic that has been discussed in the first part of class is the responses to the COVID-19 novel pandemic, ranging from ruminations on activism, bio-art and ethics, xenophobia, therapy, food, coping, zoonotic viruses, atmospheric conditions, and food hoarding.


Extra Credit: LASER - May 2nd

Although it has been more than a month since I attended the Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) on May 2nd, it has most certainly not been far from my mind. I know it has become customary for me to always mention how our class sessions/events have boggled my thinking, but, absolutely nothing compares to this event… more specifically, Bill Fontana’s work.

Week 9: Vacuoles of Poison

Maru's "Vacuoles" was truly eye-opening. I have never before been so moved by an art piece. What made her exhibit all the more compelling was the story behind the art and how she went about creating her work. The lead contamination from battery plants right here in LA is an issue I was completely unaware was even a possibility.


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