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Week 8 - social media and art

This week, we had the opportunity to attend a thought-provoking art exhibition that delved into the intriguing relationship between art and the digital realm. The exhibition primarily focused on the intersection of art with computers, the internet, and social media. At first, I was unsure of what to expect, as these technological aspects seemed far removed from the traditional realm of art that I was familiar with.

Week 7 - Light pollution and aurora

We visited a small planetarium on campus this week! It was an amazing experience where I learned a lot about astronomy and the wonders of the universe. One fascinating thing I discovered was that stars come in different colors, and these colors tell us how old they are. I was surprised to learn that the bright, light blue stars are newborns, while the warm, orange stars are older.

Week 6 - Neurofeedback + meditation

In Cristina Albu's lecture, we learned about how art, neuroscience, and meditation are connected. Cristina explained that different types of art can be influenced by ideas from science, technology, and philosophy. This leads to a wide range of artworks that not only look beautiful but also make us think about how our bodies, cultures, and societies are connected.

Midterm- The Troubling Harmony of Plastic and Marine Creatures

In this presentation, I talked about how plastics can be harmful to sea animals and humans. I found a number of amazing artworks associated with this topic and I think these can make people to reconsider and recognize the importance of protecting wildlife from plastic pollution.



Week 3 - AI and Plastic

After going through the content of week 3, I have started to think more deeply about the impact of plastics and AI on our daily lives. While I haven't had much prior experience in protecting the environment or animal conservation, attending a short seminar on how plastics negatively impact animals and humans opened my eyes to the need for action.

Week 2 - SCOBYs, Fungi, Bread and more

I found the topics covered in Week 2 to be incredibly interesting! The lectures helped me gain a better understanding of the various uses and potential applications of fungi in everyday life. Before attending the lectures, I had no idea that fungi could be used for anything other than producing baked goods and alcohol. However, the Ted Talk by JaeRhim Lee opened up a whole new universe of possibilities for me, which both surprised and amazed me.

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