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Final Project

Here is the link to my final project: 


Connection and the Brain

This week we heard a very interesting guest lecture from Christina Albu on electroencephalography (EEG) and art based on brain imagery. My favorite part of the lecture was when she talked about brainwave duets, particularly the pieces Mutual Wave Machine by Suzanne Dikker and EEG Kiss by Lancel/Maat. Both these pieces seem to examine the neuroscience behind human connection and trust, whether that is between friends and family or romantic partners.

Ocean Plastics and AI

This week we talked about plastic, plankton, octopi, and artificial intelligence. I wanted to take an optimistic approach to this blog by looking at how new technologies are being used to address the problem of plastic pollution. I started by watching one of the recommended videos by VICE about current efforts to get rid of plastic in the oceans. The video points out that microplastics permeate all trophic levels of the open ocean food web, and that by eating fish we may inadvertently be ingesting microplastics.

Mycorrhizal Networks and Mycelium Leather

One topic we discussed this week was mycelium and mycorrhizal networks. In mycorrhizal networks, threads of fungal cells called hyphae grow through the soil, picking up nutrients and water, and trading these resources for photosynthetic carbon with connected plants. This exchange happens at the interface between the plant’s root cortical cells and the fungal cells wrapped around them.

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