Event #3 Hox Zodiac

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hox Zodiac event. It first started off with showing our gratitude to the animals that comfort us, feed us, and live on this Earth. The first speaker was Linda Weintraub. She confessed that she had no prior relationship with her zodiac sign, the horse. The Hox Zodiac event has let her explore the ways in which the horse plays into her life. In general, horses are powerful symbols in mythology, legends, and history.

Event #2 Mark Cohen

This week we had the pleasure of listening to Mark Cohen. I really enjoyed his presentation, it brought me back to AP Psychology in some ways. Attempting to understand our brains is such a daunting yet fascinating field of research. There are still so many unknowns as to which parts do what and how they all work together. I particularly liked the MRI movies that we were shown.

Week 4: "Age of Starlight", followed by darkness

I have never visited the planetarium at UCLA before. I briefly heard about it as a sophomore, but I never thought about visiting the place. Since I am a big fan of astronomy, I was really looking forward to this. My knowledge on the subject is definitely more casual, but I took an astronomy course at UCLA just because it interested me. I've also been to the Griffith Observatory and got tickets to the planetarium over there.

Week 3 - BBB: Botanical, Birds, & Butterflies

I am a big fan of the botanical gardens. The first time I went there was for my Geology class during freshman year (2018). At the time, I didn't really know much about UCLA’s campus, so I felt completely transported when we arrived. Out of nowhere there was forest, bamboo, desert, you name it. Unfortunately, that would be my only visit for years. COVID-19 had me lose half of my sophomore year and all of my junior year.

Week 2 - From Kombucha to Bread, What is Fermentation?

I have tried kombucha on a variety of occasions…and I never knew what to make of it. There’s that distinct bitter flavor that I find a bit off putting, but eventually it kind of grew on me. A misconception I had about kombucha is that you have it mostly for health reasons. I never really considered the fact that some people really just love the taste.