Event #2 - Meeting Mark Cohen

As a cognitive science major, Mark Cohen’s event zoom peaked my interest greatly. From details about his neuroscience background to overviews about topics such as optical illusions, I thought everything covered was incredibly interesting. It reminded me of a psychology course I am currently enrolled in titled Perception and Sensation.


Basic Example of an Optical Illusion

Plastic Visualization (Event #1)

The conversation and documentary shown with Jess Irish was incredibly powerful and changed my view on the plastic issue. Being able to visualize how much plastic we go through every day and how it continues to increase is unbelievable and takes me by surprise why these sorts of topics are not emphasized as much. I greatly admire Jess and the piece she was able to create and was interested in exploring other explanations of her film that were covered in an interview of her.

Buch and Bread

Hi everyone! I have had the pleasure of reading some of your blog posts from week 2 and now here is mine! I joined this class during week 3 so my apologies but there will also be a week 1 blog post I will write this week to catch up to all of you. Moving on, initially when I hear about kombucha and bread I think of two things: 1) My two favorite kombucha flavors are Health-Ade's Pink Lady Apple and GT's Synergy Guava Goddess, 2) my favorite form of bread is bagels.

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