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Week 7: Astronomy of Stonehenge

This week's topic of astronomy and the planetarium sparked an interest in me. We now have astonishing technology and knowledge about astronomy and how to study the stars and observe things human eyes are incapable of seeing. However, what did our ancestors use before us to fuel this curiosity?

Week 6 Blog: Love and the Brain

Most of us have heard Rihanna’s song “Love on The Brain,” where she describes the roller coaster of yearning for love and feelings overtaking her emotionally. However, have we thought about love in the brain, how it looks and works, and why most feel that their life has changed drastically when they are in love?

Week 4 Blog 4: Chinese Zodiac Calendar

In Week 4, we discussed the Chinese Zodiac calendar and signs. We had the pleasure of eating fortune cookies in which there were different zodiac signs and facts about them. It was interesting to learn about the different ways each sign has been perceived and even harmed by humans. For example, I had a fortune cookie with information about the tiger, and it noted that tigers are on the verge of extinction due to human-caused circumstances. 

Week 2 Blog 2: Mycelium

This week the topics we discussed were fungus, scoby, and mycelium. As I conducted more research on what and how mycelium is used for, I was fascinated with what I came across. Mycelium is a vegetative structure of fungi. It functions as a root system or web-like structure that can be identified by filaments called hyphae which can grow on whatever substrate the fungus itself is growing on.

Week 3 Blog 3: Plastic

This week we spoke about plastics and how they have consumed our planet, affected our environment, and caused many challenges. Plastics can be found everywhere in the world, including in places that are believed to be safe from exposure to plastic. Plastic is popular due to its convenience, production cost, versatility, and much more.

Week 1 Blog 1: Introduction and Graphite

Hello everyone! My name is Elen Sargsyan. Spring 2023 is my last year and last quarter at UCLA as a Human Biology and Society major. I have loved every bit of my journey here and look forward to new adventures in the year. My passion for medicine has led me to the path of becoming a physician assistant/associate; here is a link to more about PAs if you are interested.

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