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Week 8

During our class meeting last week, we attended the “Town Hall” exhibition hosted by the 2023 UCLA Design Media Arts MFA cohort. I’ve been to a few museums here and there, but I’ve never had the chance to experience anything like this type of gallery showing. It was really fascinating to see all the different pieces in the gallery! I felt like all the pieces that were featured there were discussing topics that I hadn’t seen in museums before, and doing so by using really innovative methods and techniques.

Brainwaves & Music

It was such a pleasure to have Cristina Albu speak to the class about brainwave art! Though all the different artists and artworks she presented were very interesting, I was most fascinated by the examples she provided of artists who created musical works based on brain signals. Growing up, performing violin as part of an orchestra was such a huge part of my life, and I was very curious about other performance pieces that involved using brainwaves to create unique compositions.

The Chinese Zodiac

For my blog post this week, I wanted to do some background research on the traditional Chinese beliefs surrounding the Chinese Zodiac. Growing up, I didn’t really know anything about the Chinese Zodiac except that I was born in the year of the horse. Beyond that simply identification, I hadn’t really thought about the cultural roots of the Chinese Zodiac. My roommates are Chinese and Taiwanese, and they pointed me to some fun resources to learn about the myth of the Great Race.

At the Intersection of Art & AI

The aspect of last week’s class that felt most compelling to me was the intersection of art and artificial intelligence (AI). I had only ever heard of AI being used to unjustly reproduce or imitate the original work of artists, so it was intriguing to see DESMA students Ryan Kim and Sue Lee integrate AI into their work (while simultaneously making a comment on the very AI they were using). While thinking about what to write about for this blog post, I decided to try to search for other artists who create art using AI.

Mushrooms, Mycelium, and the Nanobiotech & Design Exhibition

Our last class, we discussed mushrooms, SCOBYs, and bread. The part of lecture that most resonated with me was our discussion of mycelium and the emerging uses of mushrooms. Mushrooms were something I only really thought about in the context of what I could buy at the grocery store, meaning they were safe for me to eat, or what was served to me in restaurants.

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