Event 2 Fredric Royce Oil and Plastic

Jess Irish and Robertina Sebjanic discussed about further implications of plastics on the environment. The main issue about plastics is not the waste for we can re use plastics into different products, but the effect they have on emissions. However, I would like to explore how plastics can be used or not made at all to reduce emissions and making them into different products. In survival situations though, wasted plastics on tropical items become invaluable tools due to their visual and water storage capabilities.

Event 1 Fredric Royce Incan Quipu

The Incan Quipu in this class has been remarked as the precursor item to recording one’s memories in the ancient world of central and South America. Online the presenter of Fowler explained the full details of the Incan quipu where it stored language, emotions, financial records, and even artistic thoughts. The theme that struck me the most was accounting for I took a ton of accounting classes as a community college student where I studied the system of debits and credits extensively.

Caves to UCLA John Wooden

Xtine Burrough beamed with passion for human emotion through poetry. We laid out on the grass where we got in tune with nature and our thoughts to make 1 breath poems. Our group’s theme was stress because everybody came out of midterm season and were worried for finals. My line was “stress… to decompress or caress” where this meant stress is essential to living to keep moving forward and should be utilized in the short term.

Plastics and Civilization

This week’s lecture was about how materials decompose. We were shown a lecture on the dangers of plastic pollution and the full extent of its damage. We were also shown panoramic digital art about the markers of civilization and how it all eventually erodes with time. The most fascinating parts for me were the exploration of civilization from a future point of view and how can we turn plastics into our greatest asset. Plastics as covered in the lectures are made from natural material such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt, and crude oil.

A human view on the heavens

Do not go gently into that good night, rejoice at the dawn of the light… Visiting the planetarium at UCLA for the first time was a wonderful experience. I especially enjoyed asking questions regarding the how planetarium technology worked and whether biological signs could exist on different types of stars other than our own. As of recently, Harvard Physicist Avi Loeb has mentioned about Oumuamua(A *moo*uh*moo*uh), a possible alien artifact from an ancient alien civilization.

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