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Week 6: Greg Dunn's "Self Reflected"

After Christina Albu’s seminar this week, I was interested in exploring modern artwork centered around capturing brain wave dynamics. In my search, I came across the artwork of Greg Dunn, a trained neuroscientist who artistically depicts real-time neural circuit dynamics in the human central nervous system at 22X scale. 

Designing Decay: An Experiential Fashion Collection (MIDTERM)

My project proposal is a nod to mycelium as a sustainable fabric as well as a novel mechanism for degrading plastic. In "Designing Decay: An Experiential Fashion Collection", strains of plastic-eating mycelium are genetically modified to express green fluorescent protein (GFP). The fluorescent mycelium are seeded into mannequins made of organic, renewable substrates displaying wearable garments made of plastic-based fabrics, including a cocktail dress, trenchcoat, and strapless gown.

Blog 4: Gene Editing in Cosmetic Procedures

While I was absent from this week’s lecture due to a medical issue, I explored Marta de Menezes’ website and specifically, her Nature exhibitions which aim to push our understanding of what is considered natural and explore the kind of genetic modifications that may pass these boundaries of naturalness. I particularly enjoyed her butterfly project where she used cauterizing tools to modify butterfly wing patterns, creating living art.

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