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Blog 8 Art

There were a few fun things that happened in class this week. First, with th news about Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, then with the visit to th art installation. Since my friend visited LLNL  few days prior with another class (the food one) and told me about it, I found it surprising and a big coincidence that Prof Vesna was in chare of both the classes. It suddenly made sense why both th classes were called "science" art.

Blog 7 Spece

I enjoyed the planetarium experience this week. As a physics major and space enthusiast, being able to see the result of thousands of years of work, from precivilization to now, was very mesmerizing and also a bit meditative.

Blog 6 Brainy

Telepathy, huh? It sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie! But did you know that some people have actually tried to make this a reality? And it all started with a German psychiatrist named Hans Berger, who invented the electroencephalogram (EEG).


Blog 3 Plastic

Plastic is extremely versatile and abundant. When it was discovered some hundred years ago, it enabled us to go through amazing medical, energy, and technological innovations that would otherwise be impossible. But now that we've advanced so far, the next step would be to realize the effects of our past actions. Right now there is active research going into mitigating the plastic pollution issue.

Blog 1 Graphite

Hi, everyone! I’m Nathaniel Chen, but I go by Nathan! I’m a fourth year physics and cognitive science major. I love computers and put photos (if I was able to upload it correctly) of my cat, Nala. Aside from school, I work at ASUCLA, currently in the Computer Department. I also really love art, so I’m really excited about the topics of this course.

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