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Week 3: Rice and global warming.

More than half the world, (upwards of 3.5 billion people,) depend on rice for over 20% of their daily nutrition. In 2017, the volume of rice produced worldwide amounted to 495.9 million metric tons and occupied 161.1 million hectares of land! To give you a sense of scale, because… scale is fun: a blue whale is slightly smaller than a space shuttle and just 1 hectare could contain 12 blue whales. 

Week 2: Biotech+Art and All The Feels

I was excited that we were able to have Terence Koh come talk to us. I’m familiar with Koh from living in New York City; from what I understand, he’s pretty controversial, which I tend to gravitate toward... at least initially. Terence spoke for quite a while in a stream of consciousness and over time, I noticed a growing feeling of discomfort in me. Koh waxed poetic about love; that most people don’t think about what love really is, that love is light and God, that he knows what love is, over and over again. After a while, I began to feel skeptical about him because to me, it felt like his words were hollow. Anyone could (and many people have) said such things about love. Love equated to light and God is so common and in my opinion, barely scratches the surface of what it really is. ​

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