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Week 7: Art and Astronomy

I enjoyed going to the planetarium with Professor Torres this week! The study of space and spatial concepts is something that’s pretty new to me, as I’ve never researched or really looked into the intersection of space and astronomy with art. Also, I was super fascinated with the technology and resources that the planetarium has. 
So, I’ve decided to look into the history of otherworldly artwork: art based on astronomical studies, art made with space, and explorations of space through the lens of art. 

Week 6: Art, Aesthetics, and Cognitive Science

I really enjoyed Professor Alba’s lecture this past week because of the way that she discussed the cognitive science behind emotional responses to artwork, a subject we’ve considered but not really discussed. It’s interesting to think about not only why art makes us feel a certain way but also *how* (in terms of literal human anatomy and physiology).  

Week 4: Marta de Menezes, Hox Zodiac, and Scientist-Artists

I really enjoyed Marta de Menezes’ presentation of her work and projects within the world of art and science, as well as hearing about her background. As someone majoring in a STEM subject who’s heavily interested in art (and pursuing it), it’s fascinating to hear about projects involving the two. It was also interesting to hear about Hox Zodiac, and the unique ways the project combines culture, art, and science.

Week 3: Decomposing MIcroplastics

In this week’s and last week’s lecture, we talked briefly about the process using natural processes to break down substances that take a long time to decompose, such as using fungi to break down microplastics. I found this topic to be very interesting, so I thought I’d look into other natural means of breaking down plastics.

Mycelium and Fungal Networks

I found the magnitude of the significance of fungi in the natural system – and in science as a whole – to be super eye-opening. I didn’t realize just how “everywhere” fungi and fungal networks existed. In lecture, it was mentioned that the largest living organism on earth is a fungus, and I thought it was fascinating that the biggest singular lifeform in the world is something we can’t see.

Week 1: Graphite/Graphene Drawing

Hello everyone! I'm Ishan Khurana, a first year student at UCLA, and I'm planning to major in biochemistry and minor in English. I’m from Minnesota, and I love artmaking of all kinds (music, drawing, painting, and writing), spending time with friends, ultimate frisbee, and reading.

I found this week’s lecture on graphite and graphene pencils to be interesting because I’ve never thought about the idea of patterns and pattern-making in the natural world, as well as its artistic significance.

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