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Week 8 Blog - The ugliness of social media

Last week, our class had a chance to visit an art exhibit at the Broad Arts Center about the impact of social media on our life. I know the cruelty of social media and always try my best to limit its impact on my life by stopping using social media 3 years ago. Honestly, I never thought about making art using material from social media, so the exhibition was very intriguing and impressive to me.

Week 7 Blog - Saffron and Star dust

Last week was one of my favorite lectures in this class so far. In class, we had a chance to learn about Saffron and why Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. I actually had tried Saffron before, but I don't think I got the authentic Saffron. I did not really understand how sacred Saffron is or its health benefits. Out of curiosity, I ordered 2g of Saffron on eBay and got it shipped to me from Iran.

Week 5 - Mind map

This week's blog is about the connection between what we have learned in our class so far. It's so amazing to find out that there is a connection between everything!

The Plastic war

Last week we learned about the history of Plastic and how it gradually invades and consumes our Earth. Plastic was once praised as an ultimate alternative to replace nature's harms (i.e. ivory, tree, fur, etc.) What is Plastic? It is any material made of polymers that are just large molecules consisting of the same repeating subunit.

SCOBY - my SCOBY pet

Last week we learned about SCOBY - the Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. Although I could not attend the class but I found this topic very fascinating! It is so amazing that SCOBY was discovered more than 2000 years (as far as 221 BCE). With a fresh sweet and sour taste together with many health benefits, SCOBY has been widely used in many cultures around the world. Nowadays, SCOBY gains its popularity in food and beverage products such as kombucha, Kefir, Sourdough, rice wine, vinegar, etc. 

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