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Week 6: Data and Art Exhibitions

In the Week 6 lecture, guest lecturer Christina Albu talked to us about the connection between art and brain waves. Her presentation, which was titled “Vibratory Fields: Artists as Neural Orchestrators, Cartographers, and Translators,” provided a very comprehensive look at various artists and artworks that utilize data from brain wave frequencies. One such artwork that Albu mentioned was the EEG Kiss, which was a performance exhibit that used the EEG data from brain waves to turn kisses into quantifiable data, which was in turn superimposed onto their artwork.

Week 4: Hox Genes and CRISPR

In this week’s lecture, we learned about Hox genes, which are a set of transcriptor factor genes that reveal how gene expression is translated into the different forms that organisms can exhibit. As summarized by Nature Education, while the genome appears to be organized randomly with no order present in their arrangement on a chromosome until their expression during the process of development, Hox genes seem like “an island of comprehensible structure” (Myer, 2008).

Week 2: Mycelium and SCOBYs

I really enjoyed this week's lecture!!

Generally, I found it interesting that humans have been using yeast for a large portion of our development as a species (approximately 10,000 years), in both the liquid fermentation and solid fermentation forms. This does make me wonder - who was the first human to use yeast, and was it on purpose or accident? Where would we as a society be without bread, cheese, or liquor? (which are, coincidentally, three of my favorite things)

Week 1 Graphite Drawing


Hi everyone, my name is Dana Lee and I'm currently a third year Sociology major and Public Affairs minor :) I moved here from Korea in elementary school, and I currently live in Sunnyvale, CA (Bay Area)! In my free time, I love watching movies, walking my dog, and playing candy crush (lol). I've never taken a class related to art before, so I'm excited to explore and analyze the topic.

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