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Final Project Idea Rough Draft: No Face

What would it be like to interact in a world full of blank faces? What if you couldn’t recognize anyone you see or put a name to a face? Technically, you could still live a fairly normal life and no one would know that you had such a condition unless they asked. But as typical as life would appear on the outside, the life of a prospagnosic, an individual who is unable to identify and distinguish faces, is far from ordinary.

Ordered Chaos

From what I remember from high school physics, electricity and magnetism both involved charges to some degree and were related somehow, but for the most part were two distinct topics. I was surprised to learn in college that the two are essentially different sides of the same coin and are constantly influencing each other. As I read more about magnetic flux ropes and the plasma released from them “breaking,” I realized that the parlor tricks driven by magnets and electrons are actually a powerful and dangerous force in the universe.

Money Money Money

In my music industry class this past week, we had legendary songwriter Shelly Peiken come in to talk to us. Peiken has written various songs for Celine Dion, Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, and many others. There is no doubt that she is an extremely talented woman who deserves to be justly compensated for her work. But in her interview in our class, she brought up that because of streaming sites, the creative people behind the songs we love including the writers, demo singers, studio musicians, producers, and etc. are not being given what they rightfully deserve1.


Whenever something goes wrong on a mass scale in a large population (e.g. school shootings, terrorist attacks, unqualified presidential candidates), there seems to be at least one person that asks the question "What is wrong with our society?" We're forced to look at ourselves critically as a species and as an individual and ultimately ask ourselves "Are we bad people?" which leads to more questions along the line "Are we inherently bad or were we just taught by society to be bad?"

I Am In Control

I really appreciated the chance to not only view Toni Dove’s work, but to experience it. Granted, we weren’t able to see the entire show, but we were still able to get a taste of Dove’s interactive movies. What I found really interesting in Dove’s works was a running theme of possession and control. The three projects that Dove showed to us involved a motion detector interface that allowed the user to control the speed and direction of particular movie elements such as the soundtrack and the visual scenes.

Who Do You Think You Are?

To be honest, I was very confused by Professor Vesna’s email instructions asking us to come with information about our Chinese zodiac animal. My view of the class so far had me believe that the class was going to focus on how art can be based on science. This assignment, however, seemed to highlight an art piece based more on mythology and superstition than actual science. I was surprised when I came into class and saw Professor Vesna talking about the hox gene, a critical component in the body organizing process.

Bioart: The Presentation of Reality

I’ve always been taught that there’s a meaning behind everything. There was always some sort of message or lesson to learn in every book, movie, piece of art, and even every day experiences. I remember looking back on my day and trying to come up with a way to wrap everything that had happened to me into one neat little catch phrase that I could write into my journal. The goal in life seemed to be to collect as many of these phrases as I could and learn as many lessons at possible.

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