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Biology is more than genetics!

            The article “The Ethics of Experiential Engagement with the Manipulation of Life” by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr talked about how many artists, social scientists or humanities scholars do not understand the complexities of life or biology enough, and assumes that biology = genetics. I was really surprised when I first read that because I always thought that people would think about animals when they think about biology, instead of genetics.

Microbialtronic - Tackling Food Waste

        Food waste is a pressing issue globally. Annually, one-third of the world’s food supply is never consumed, and domestically, up to 40% of the crops grown in America is being thrown away due to consumption patterns. Consumers overbuy, throw away food prematurely due to confusing food labels, or do not finish the meal. During the holiday seasons, 30% of the grocery stores are being thrown away.

BioArtists make futuristic talk reality better than scientists!

            I think I saw more innovation and advances in science and technology in this class more than any other class. I went to a high school specialized in mathematics and science, and now I am a life science major in UCLA, but futuristic innovations are always discussed only at the end of the lectures, and they remain as “the future”.

Is everything we know about Chinese mythology related?

            The concept of the Chinese Zodiacs is not foreign to me as someone who was born in China and raised in Singapore, maybe to the point that I even take it for granted. Last week’s class on the Zodiacs gave me a new perspective on it, and I learned so many things about the Zodiacs that I never knew! For example, I did not know that each zodiac sign is linked to a herb in Hong Kong.

BioArt in Education

       I came to this class with no idea what Biotechnology and Art (or BioArt) is. I have asked myself many times if I will get anything out of this class at as a South Campus Major, and I was doubtful of the significance of BioArt. This feeling stayed with me as I watched the first introductory video – I struggled to understand what significance can playing Jazz to E.Coli or sending images encoded in DNA to outer space make in the world.

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