Nonverbal Communication: Nina Sobell (Event #3)

I really enjoyed this presentation because I completed my midterm on the importance of nonverbal communication, and this guest speaker event was right on track with that. I was taken right off the bat by the EEG diagrams that represented the sides of people's brains when they are non verbally communicating with one another. These brainwave drawings represent what I think is our innate nonverbal communication.

Art for good

I really enjoyed the book presentation by xtine burrough and learning about art as a catalyst for social change. When she talked about the emerging technologies that different artists used when collaborating for this project, my favorite one to hear about was the seed. I personally find the seed to be such a fascinating thing. It is tiny, and with a little care and nourishment it can grow into something so powerful and fruitful.

This Mortal Plastik Event

I was incredibly moved after the viewing of This Mortal Plastik by Jess Irish. I have always taken an interest in environmentalism and how to live more sustainably, but this piece provided such emotional context for how to get others engaged, or atleast to help others understand how pertinent the problem is today.

Plastic Earth

I like to view myself as a person who is environmentally conscious, and I try to make decisions that will help my planet. I buy solid shampoo and conditioner that come in small boxes rather than plastic bottles that need to be constantly replaced. I can’t remember the last time that I bought a plastic water bottle. I bring my own cup to coffee shops. And I recycle. I used to think that the last one held a lot more weight than it does.