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Final Project


Here is my final project! 

Weel 7 Blog

I was not able to come to class this week, so I was unfortunately not able to visit the planetarium with the rest of the class. Since I was not able to see it, I did do some research on astronomy and art, specifically looking more into astrophotography and its history.

Week 6 Blog

This week in class we heard from Christina Albu who described the connection between the brain and art. I wanted to explore the topic of meditation more, one of the topics she mentioned in her talk. 

Midterm Submission- Week 6

My project is titled "Plastic Beauty: The Black Hair Industry and Microplastic Pollution." Synthetic hair is made up of materials and plastic that are non biodegradable and pose a threat to the environment as pollution grows. However, hair plays a significant role in the identity of many Black women, making an eco friendly solution necessary to come to. I have 3 exhibits in my proposal to demonstrate the growing issue of pollution that synthetic hair contributes to. 


Week 4 Blog

This week’s talk on CRISPR was interesting and connected a lot to my major and  research minor. In one of the core classes for my major, Human Biology and Society, the class focused a lot on gene editing and the ethics behind it as well. Marta’s talk reminded me of this as she went over what CRISPR is used for and as we talked about some of the ethical perspectives at the end.

Blog Week 3

The week 3 material was very interesting to me with how pressing of an issue plastic pollution is. I feel like the last couple years there has been a lot more awareness about plastic pollution through articles, videos, and documentaries.

Blog Week 2

The Week 2 topics were very interesting! The first thing that stuck out the most to me during the lecture was the Ted Talk on Mushroom Burial by JaeRhim Lee. There was a lot I did not know about how burial impacts the environment in the way that the toxins from our body release and can lead to pollution. This stuck out to me because my major, Human Biology and Society, has a large focus on environmental toxins.

Blog Week 1

Hi everyone,

My name is Annabelle Leka, I am a 4th year HBS major and biomedical research minor. I'm looking forward to taking this class and seeing the intersection between biology and art! As someone who wants to go into a career in the life science, but also someone who loves art, I never really thought about how these things converge. Like professor said during the first class, each field needs the other, and I am looking forward to exploring how different aspect of science and art overlap.

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