Jess Irish: The Cost of Convenience (Event 1)

“My convenience contains an absurdity of time”, quotes Jess Irish in her film This Mortal Plastik. Endless years, days, and minutes of impossible decay wrapped up in the seemingly harmless clear, crinkly plastics that surround our everyday lives. In her film, Irish proposes an interesting question: “Why will ordinary things outlast us all – by generations?”.

Urban Jungle Soundscapes

Of all the assignments we have completed so far in class, choosing the sounds I wanted to focus on for my recording this week was probably one of the most challenging. Yet, life is loud and busy and constantly bombards us with thousands of sights and sounds on a daily basis. So why was picking out a single sound so difficult for me?

Requiem of the Stars


     It is cold in the depth of my memories. The air is so crisp it burns my lungs as I trudge forward on a darkened path. Everything is quiet in the dark, hidden away until daybreak to move and sing and live again. The perfect illusion of silence is broken only by the crunch of snow under little winter boots and the clanking of a loose metal screw as I set out in search of the stars.

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